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Together everyone grows.

Helping Students Succeed

Where we identify a student needing additional support,  we provide a range of programs to nurture individual success.


MacqLit - Unlocking the Power of Literacy!

Our MacqLit program focuses on enhancing literacy and language development for students selected by the school in Year 3 and above who need some help with their reading.

Using proven teaching strategies, students develop their reading, writing and communication skills.

Chosen students work in small groups.

Sounds~Write - First Rate Phonics

Sounds~Write is a high-quality phonics program that gives students a solid base on which to build as they progress through school and helps them develop the habit of reading both widely and often to ensure that they become proficient readers and writers.  Sounds~Write is taught in all primary classrooms and is endorsed by the Department of Education.

Emergency Services 

Our Emergency Services Program equips students with essential life-saving skills.  Participants will learn about fire safety, emergency response and evacuation procedures through hands on training.  Currently, this program is available to Year 10 students.

Year 6 Leadership Program -
Empowering Future Leaders

Our Year 6 Leadership Program aims to develop strong leadership skills in our students.  Through a series of workshops, projects and mentoring, participants gain valuable insights into teamwork, decision-making and responsibility.


Mentoring - Guidance for Personal Growth!

Our mentoring program provides students, identified by the Student Services Team, with the opportunity to receive one-on-one support and guidance from experienced mentors.  Mentors help students navigate challenges, set goals and develop crucial life skills.

The BRAVE Program -
Building Resilience Against Anxiety!

The BRAVE Program is an online program specifically designed to treat anxiety in young people.  Through Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, students identified by the Student Services Team, learn relaxation training, emotion and thought identification, positive self-talk, coping skills and problem solving to improve their resilience and regulation.


BikeRescue is a dynamic youth development program

that empowers and mentors young people,

identified by the Student Services Team, to foster personal development.  By utilising hands-on skill-building activities, BikeRescue cultivates knowledge, social skills, confidence and teamwork.

The students remain on the school site for the duration

of this program.

Man-Up and We Are Woman Workshops

Our Man-Up and We Are Woman Workshops are held on the school campus and are for all Secondary students.

The workshops provide a safe space for students to explore topics related to healthy relationships,

emotional intelligence and gender equality.  


Junior MasterChef

Our Junior MasterChef Program features group cooking activities, for selected primary students, that target regulation, resilience and social skills.

Koga - Balance Body, Mind and Spirit!

Our Koga Program introduces students to the benefits of physical and metal wellness.  Led by the fabulous Roxanne, participants learn various poses, breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises.  This program is available to all classrooms as well as selected students

for small group classes.

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