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Student Resilience

Where the focus is on the whole child

Types of Support

Classroom Support

Individual teachers will provide support to students by: building positive relationships with all students; providing interesting, academically appropriate, engaging and relevant lessons for students; explicitly teaching expected behaviours and pro-social skills as a part of the curriculum; rewarding students when they demonstrate expected behaviours; developing and implementing documented plans for students in consultation with the Student Services Team if required; and ensuring ongoing individual student issues are referred to the Student Services Team.

Student Services Team

The Student Services Team includes the Deputy Principals, the Year Co-ordinators, School Psychologist and Chaplain.  The role of the Student Services Team is to identify and co-ordinate support and resources for individual students, and to monitor students at risk.  The team discusses psychologist referrals as well as external referrals and prioritises these according to need and the availability of resources.  The Student Services Team will liaise with the referring teacher to explain interventions.

L-R: Carly Bowen-Deputy Principal, Helena Donohoe-Chaplain, Andrea Vis-Deputy Principal,
Rebecca Young-Health Nurse, Kirsty McLennan-Psychologist & Kym Morton-Year Co-ordinator.

School Chaplain

Our YouthCARE Chaplain is driven by the values of care, respect, compassion and service to connect students, staff and parents to opportunities that create meaningful experiences and positive impacts.  Supporting wellbeing for everyone within our school community is so important and gives students a better chance at a brighter future as they journey along their education pathway.


Our award winning Chaplain, Helena Donohoe (Centre).

School Psychologist

Where the Student Services Team deems it necessary, or where it is requested by a parent, the school psychologist will give consideration to an appropriate intervention for students.

Helping Students Succeed

Students may have access to additional support programs, where these are beneficial.  Programs include BikeRescue, Koga relaxation program, Junior Masterchef, Man-Up and We are Woman Workshops and Team Building.   More information on these programs can be accessed here.

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