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Gingin DHS
Friendship & Loyalty


Our School Vision

To lead in the provision of education within our community through relevant curriculum that embraces a balance between academic achievement and citizenship.  We will create  an uplifting, positive environment in our school where all students, staff and our community feel a sense of belonging.

We endeavour to work collaboratively to provide opportunities for all to reach their full potential and where achievements are celebrated with pride.

Gingin DHS where a sense of belonging and community is nurtured.

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About our school

As a local family-oriented school, we offer a strong range of experiences for all our students, including academic, sporting and extra-curricular activities.


Click the link below to access information regarding enrolments, uniforms, canteen, contributions & charges, siren times & more.


At Gingin DHS, Early Childhood and Primary education emphasise Literacy and Numeracy.  Our Secondary education programs focus largely on broadening the development of skills across the Western Australian Curriculum including specialised learning areas.

See how we teach and learn here.


Building Student Resilience

Each student at Gingin DHS is valued and our school will support students who have particular needs through classroom support,  our Student Services Team, Pastoral Care and our School Psychologist.  For more information on these services, please click on this link.

As part of our Kidshift Program, students learn about self regulation to help control and manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Interventions to build social skills that help them interact and communicate,  make friends, work well in teams and handle conflicts peacefully. Resilience assists students in 'bouncing back' or recovering from tough times and challenges.

Please see here for further information on our Support Programs.

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