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Strategic Plan PDF Print Email
Our vision is to lead in the provision of education within our community through relevant curriculum that embraces a balance between academic achievement and citizenship. We will create an uplifting positive environment in our school where all students, staff and our community feel a sense of belonging.

We endeavour to work collaboratively to...
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What are the uniform shop hours? PDF Print Email

The uniform shop is open during the following times: Tuesday 8.45am – 9.30am and Friday 8.15am – 9.00am. It is located near the front office.

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Newsletters PDF Print Email

Welcome to our newsletters page.

Our latest newsletter can be found here.

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Term Planner PDF Print Email

Welcome to our term planner page. Term planners are uploaded as soon as dates are confirmed for the term. This usually occurs around week 2.   

Our latest term planner can be found here.

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50 Year Celebrations PDF Print Email
Next year will celebrate fifty years since Gingin District High School was opened as a District High School. The history of education in Gingin is an interesting one, where the community has lobbied long and hard since the late 1800’s for...
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Nutrition PDF Print Email
Childrenand adults who eat more fruit and vegetables significantly reduce their risk of developing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and blood pressure.

The choices parents & guardians make when supplying food to...
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Student Council PDF Print Email
The Student Council comprises of elected students from Years 6 to 12 and the elected School Captain and Vice Captain who lead the Council meetings. Students hold their positions for one year but may be reelected in subsequent years. Student...
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Literacy Blocks PDF Print Email
The school will be continuing to focus heavily on our literacy improvement plan again this term. Literacy Blocks in classrooms will continue to be a key part of this initiative, and all Primary classes are now running Literacy Blocks in...
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School Song

While this town is growing
we at Gingin are showing
that the way to success
is to strive for the best.

Friendship and loyalty
forever our style
as we try to create
what is thought worthwhile.

So we’ll work together
to be loyal, to be friends,
for friendship and loyalty
will win through in the end.

Yes we’ll work together
and we’ll remember
to be loyal, to be friends.

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