Curriculum K-10

The Western Australian School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) sets curriculum policy for Kindergarten to Year 12 schooling in Western Australia.

The curriculum is divided into learning areas based on the West Australian Curriculum Framework. The learning areas are:

  •    The Arts
  •    English
  •    Health and Physical Education
  •    Mathematics
  •    Science
  •    Humanities and Social Sciences
  •    Technology and Enterprise

The school has developed a curriculum document for parents that is specific to Gingin DHS and outlines some key learning concepts and skills that your child should develop at each year level, and which parents can assist with at home.

Kindergarten / Pre-primary Curriculum

Developmental learning approaches that integrate the social, intellectual, physical and emotional domains are the foundation blocks of the Early Childhood Education program. Learning through play, social skills and language development form the basis for our early childhood program. Emphasis is placed on early identification of children with special needs and intervention programs to support them. This provides an excellent preparation for formal learning.

Primary Curriculum

The primary curriculum covers all learning areas. Specialist programs are offered in Physical Education for Years 1 - 6. Academic Enrichment classes operate for those students who show an ability to extend themselves. Academic Enrichment classes are coordinated by Tracy Pickering.

Middle Schooling Curriculum

Students study subjects across a variety of learning areas thus ensuring a balanced education. A common course is provided for all Year 7 and 8 students. Choice is available in some learning areas as students progress into Years 9 and 10, and Year 10 students have the option of selecting a vocationally oriented course or an academically oriented course. The focus in Lower Secondary is to develop transferable skills, as well as increasingly specialised knowledge and skills as students develop.

Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles for Western Australian Schools promote equity and excellence in Western Australian schools. They ensure that schooling contributes to a cohesive society that respects and appreciates cultural, social and religious diversity and provides learning that meets the educational needs of young Western Australians.


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