The table below contains the unit outlines and assessment schedules for Year 9 students. Some units are semester units which run over two terms. There are some mixed Year 9 and 10 classes so if the unit outline is not here, it might be on the Year 10 outline page. 

Subject Unit Outlines

Curriculum Area
Term 1 - 2017
Term 2 - 2017
Term 3 - 2016
Term 4 - 2016
English   English English    English
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics  
Science  Science Science  Science Science
Humanities and Social Sciences   History  Hass  Hass
Health and Physical Education  Health Health  Health  Health
    Physical Education  Physical Education  Physical Education
    Phys Recreation  Phys Recreation  
Technologies   Design and Technology    
   Information Technology Information Technolgy    
   Food Technology Food Technology Food Technology   Food Technology 
The Arts  Visual Art Visual Art  Visual Art  Visual Art