Parental involvement at Gingin DHS not only enhances learning programs, but also gives parents the opportunity to be a part of their child's school-based education. There are a range of areas in which parents can assist — from classroom helper to canteen assistant, as well as more formal roles in representative bodies.

Children derive great pleasure and benefit from having parents in the classroom. Parents are able to assist in hearing children read, making charts and other aids, helping children who need practice in a particular area, helping in the classroom and assisting with art/craft work. If you are able to assist in any way, please contact the school, or the teacher of your child.

The active participation of parents and guardians in the P&C is welcomed and encouraged. The P&C promotes the best interests of the school, and assists with the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for students. It helps the school make decisions about resources; provides for involvement in the School Council; offers a community, as well as parent, perspective on education issues; makes decisions regarding school facilities managed by the P&C (for example, the Canteen); plans fundraising activities and discusses how funds will be spent; and allows a forum to meet other parents and share views. Meetings are usually held twice per term in weeks 3 and 7 at 6.30 pm on Wednesday.


The decision making group for our school is the Gingin DHS School Council. The School Council is comprised of the Principal, school staff, parents and community members. Parents and staff members retain office for two-year terms but may be re-elected at the completion of their term. Nominations are called for early in Term One, and elections are held at the P & C AGM (annual general meeting).

The School Council makes decisions on financial planning, school performance in priority areas, and setting school priorities. The School Council also determines school objectives; promotes the school in the community; formulates codes of conduct for students; determines the dress policy; and sets school charges and contributions. It also assists the Principal when required in other areas of school management. Parents are invited to nominate for School Council at the P&C Annual General Meeting (as P&C Representative), and as School Council vacancies occur.