This information is designed to help you as a parent understand important information about our school which can benefit your child. Feel free to download and print off as necessary.

   Term Planner
   Uniform Order Form
   Application For Enrolment Information and Forms
   Temporary Bus Permit
   SunSmart Hat Note


If your child is wishing to catch a bus other than the one that they normally travel on need to follow the correct procedure or risk being refused.

All applications must be in writing on the specific form(see menu above).

The form requests
1. A parent signature.
2. Bus drivers signature (must be the driver of the bus the student intends to travel on).
3. Principal’s signature.

The form must be presented to the Principal at least 24 hours prior to the day of travel.
Your child will only be allowed complimentary bus travel if they are deemed on an acceptable behaviour level and there is a genuine reason for the request.